Villa Fabbri

Spoleto Study Abroad Program
Trevi, Umbria, Italy

Exquisite architecture, a dramatic hillside site in a historic town, and a location directly adjacent to the Town’s central piazza provide an extraordinary setting for this study abroad program’s proposed new campus.

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This 16th century villa, Villa Fabbri, is being converted into the home of this fine arts study abroad program. The master plan for the grounds includes outdoor classroom spaces, quiet corners for individual study and small group gatherings, a dining terrace, an outdoor kitchen, performance spaces, a camellia walk, a grotto garden, an herb garden, a fruit orchard, a lavender meadow and a sports lawn. Situated on a steep hillside, the terraced site looks out over miles of surrounding olive groves. The master plan been has been enthusiastically received by program supporters during the fund-raising process.