Firm Profile

The Johnson Hill Land Ethics Studio was formed in 2002 from the merger of Johnson Hill and Associates, Inc. and Land Ethics, Inc., for the practice of landscape architecture with an emphasis on resource conservation planning and innovative site design. The firm places a strong emphasis on quality design and public participation, while balancing environmental sensitivity with practical and maintenance concerns in the fields of planning, policy, and design.

The Johnson Hill Land Ethics Studio offers expertise in the areas of community revitalization, urban design, public workshop facilitation, waterfront and environmental studies, campus planning, historic preservation,  park and recreation planning, innovative graphic communications, and advanced computer technology.

A key to our success has been our skill in consensus building and conflict resolution. Integral to our design  process is client involvement, with professional collaboration and public interest participation included when appropriate. Pride is taken in facilitating decision making by building consensus agreements that result in design plans and recommendations that are truly reflective of the needs and desires of all involved. The techniques developed by William J. Johnson and continued by the firm have resulted in highly acclaimed  projects throughout the state of Michigan and the surrounding region.

The principals and staff of the Johnson Hill Land Ethics Studio enjoy exploring the relationship between people and the environment, and challenge traditional concepts of design in their work. This attitude is applied to a variety of projects, ranging from parks and play areas, to large-scale corporate headquarters, mixed-use developments, and new communities. The approach to projects is both experimental and experienced, emphasizing the interaction of clients, designers, and users.

As part of our planning process, a special effort is made to identify and understand the current social, environmental, and economic circumstances unique to every project. Many times characterized as constraints or limitations, it is the experience of the firm that a thoughtful study of these very circumstances often reveals ideas that can be especially innovative and particularly achievable. For the Johnson Hill Land Ethics Studio it is an interesting and exciting way to work toward achieving better environments in which to work, live, and play.

The Johnson Hill Land Ethics Studio is located at 412 Longshore Drive in Ann Arbor, Michigan and employs a staff of four. Together we are committed to achieving built projects embodying high standards of design, integrity of artistic expression, and social purpose.