Fuqua School of Business

Duke University
Durham, North Carolina

Striking architecture and severe site topography provided the design palette for this significant expansion of Duke University’s Fugua School of Business. This project doubled the size of the school and completely restructured the site and setting for the building.

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The original Fugua School of Business was designed by architect Edward Larrabee Barnes. Perkins & Will and design director, Jim Merriman, honored the original Barnes design throughout the new structure.

The school itself is located on a narrow ridge, with slopes steeply falling away in all directions. Master plan and design development plans focused on vehicular arrivals, pedestrian access, and service and emergency accesses while negotiating a 20- to 30-foot change in elevation. A mature oak grove was preserved at the far end of the ridge the building straddles. The work included the design of a new entry road, terraced parking, emergency accesses concealed within lawn areas, and a new terrace space between the existing and new wings of the school.