Ann Arbor Farmers Market

Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Ann Arbor Farmers Market, located in the historic Kerrytown District, is one of the oldest and most successful farmer’s markets in the country. In spite of this success, the market facility faced ongoing challenges such as space limitations, parking difficulties, internal circulation, and the need for rehabilitation of the existing structures.

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Recognizing the need to garner broad-based input and support for any change which might take place, the Johnson Hill Land Ethics Studio began the redesign process by conducting a series of community input public meetings, focus group discussions, and an interactive market-design charrette. Allowing many of the user groups to have an active hand in evaluating the existing conditions and to make recommendations for future improvements was a critical component in the redesign process. 

Participants included market vendors, DDA representatives, city staff, neighborhood residents, local business owners, and market shoppers. From this process came a variety of strong possibilities for the market, the adjacent shops, and the neighborhood in general. Possible solutions included expansion and redevelopment of the entire market facility, nearly doubling the vendor opportunities, providing an indoor community gathering space, and greatly improving overall circulation.